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Board of the FSC

The FSC is administered and managed by a Board which consists of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairperson, independent non-executive directors and a Chief Executive.
Members of the Board hold office for a period of 3 years and are eligible for re-appointment. Members of the Board are:

  • Mr Dev Manraj
    GOSK - Chairperson
    GOSK - Chairperson
    GOSK - Chairperson
    Mr Dev Manraj
    GOSK - Chairperson

    Mr Dharam Dev Manraj, Chairperson of the FSC Mauritius since April 2015, is the Financial Secretary at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

    He is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA), United Kingdom and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Management, International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • Mr Dheerendra Kumar Dabee
    SC, GOSK - Vice Chairperson
    SC, GOSK - Vice Chairperson
    SC, GOSK - Vice Chairperson
    Mr Dheerendra Kumar Dabee
    SC, GOSK - Vice Chairperson

    Mr D.K. DABEE, Solicitor-General in the Attorney General's Office, a Senior Counsel, and a former Laureate (Economics Side) is a graduate in Law and Political Science from Birmingham University and was called to the bar in UK in 1981 at the Middle Temple. 

    He joined the Crown Law office in Mauritius in 1982 and occupied all higher positions in Attorney General's Office, including those of Parliamentary Counsel and Acting Director of Public Prosecutions until his appointment as Solicitor-General in 1998.

    Besides his over 34 years' experience as a lawyer and legal adviser to, and Counsel for, Government Departments and a number of other public bodies, he has held various other positions in the regulatory financial and commercial sectors:

    He has previously served as Board Director of Air Mauritius Ltd, SBM Ltd and member of the Mauritius Revenue Authority.

    He is the Chairperson of the Control and Arbitration Committee of the Mauritius Cane Industry Authority and a former member of the Arbitral Tribunal of the Commonwealth Secretariat. He has also previously acted as Chairman of the Stock Exchange Commission and the MOBAA (Mauritius Offshore Business Activities Authority) prior to the FSC taking over the functions of these entities.

    He also represents the Attorney General's Office on the Boards of the Gambling Regulatory Authority and the Independent Broadcasting Authority.

  • Mr Rajesh Sharma Ramloll
    Mr Rajesh Sharma Ramloll

    Rajesh Ramloll is currently the Deputy Solicitor-General at the Attorney-General’s Office. He is a barrister at Law and holds a specialist LLM in taxation from the University of London.

    He is the current President of the International Fiscal Association, Mauritius Branch. Mr. Ramloll is a Fellow of the Hon. Society of Advanced Legal Studies (London) and is a member of the International Fiscal Association. He acts for the Mauritius Revenue Authority before the Supreme Court in Mauritius and before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Mr. Ramloll has for the last ten years been involved in tax treaty negotiations. He advises the Government on legal aspects of financial matters. He is a tax assessor of the OECD Global Forum.

    He has been the treasurer of the Mauritius Bar Association. He regularly writes in International Tax Journals and is on the editorial committees of the IFA World Tax Newsletter and the New Bar Chronicle (Mauritius).

  • Mr Jacques Li Chung
    Mr Jacques Li Chung

    Mr Li Chung is an FCCA member with over twenty years of experience in the financial sector both onshore and offshore. He is currently managing a firm providing accounting, audit, tax, BPO and structure finance services to both local and offshore companies.

    Apart from being the Managing Director of a number of companies he has set up, Mr Li Chung has also acted as Financial Manager, Financial Controller and Senior Auditor for many others, including multinationals.

    Mr Li Chung is a Certified Chartered Accountant since 1997 and also holds a Diploma in Professional Accountancy from Thames Valley University.

  • Mr Rhoy Ramlackhan
    Mr Rhoy Ramlackhan

    Mr Rhoy Ramlackhan was appointed to the Board of the FSC Mauritius in August 2015.

    He is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors since 1999, and is currently the Managing Director of Broll Indian Ocean which is part of the CBRE Affiliate Network, a Fortune 500 company and the leading real estate services company in the world.

  • Mr Visvanaden Soondram
    Mr Visvanaden Soondram

    Mr Visvanaden Soondram was appointed to the Board of FSC Mauritius in April 2015.

    He is Director at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

  • Ms Warda Dulmar Ebrahim
    Ms Warda Dulmar Ebrahim

    Me Warda Dulmar Ebrahim joined to the Board of FSC Mauritius in April 2015. She is a Barrister-At-Law.

The Secretary to the Board is Mr. R. Sokappadu

The Acting Chief Executive is: Mr P. K. Kuriachen

The Board carries out their functions through the following sub-committees:

  • Audit and Risk Committee;
  • Corporate Governance Committee;
  • Enforcement Committee established under Section 52 of the Financial Services Act 2007; and
  • Staff Committee.