Complaints Handling

Complaints Handling

Complaints Procedure for the Insurance sector

Further to the FSC Guidelines issued on 05 October 2006, all insurance companies are required, to have a Complaints Coordinator at all times (click here for the list of Complaints Coordinators).

If you wish to make a complaint in respect of an insurer, as per the Guidelines issued, the insurer should inform you of its internal complaints procedure. You may have your complaint in writing or in person to the Complaints Coordinator of the insurer.

The Complaints Coordinator is responsible to deal with the complaints in an efficient and professional manner.

If you are still unsatisfied with the Complaints Coordinator's final response to your complaint, you may fill in a complaints form (English version, French version) along with any supporting documents to the FSC after the receipt of the final response.

For more information on the complaints procedure, please click here.

Your insurer must:

  • have a 'complaint coordinator' at all times;
  • inform its policyholders of their rights to lodge a complaint;
  • inform its policyholders of the steps required for filing a complaint with the Complaints Coordinator (documents and information to be produced);
  • acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 3 working days of filing;
  • settle a complaint within 30 working days of the date of filing.

Complaint against other licensee(s)

A complaint in respect of any other licensee(s) of the FSC may be filed with the FSC by submitting a complaints form (English version, French version) with any supporting documents to:

Chief Executive
Financial Services Commission,
FSC House,
54 Cybercity Ebene,

Tel: (+230) 403-7000
Fax: (+230) 467-7172

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