Other NBFIs Licence

Other NBFIs Licence

The Second Schedule (Section 2) of the Financial Services Act provides for Financial Business Activities, in respect of Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFI's). These are categorised mainly into the financial services providers/activities and the specialised financial services/institutions.

The FSC ensures, prior to licensing any NBFI's that the applicant meets the "fit and proper" criteria and that it fulfills prudential requirements and conditions of operation.

The FSC ascertains inter alia that applicants have in place the necessary compliance functions including appropriate internal control measures, continuous internal audit and monitoring system, and adequate resources in terms of qualified personnel and equipment. Applicants are required to comply with the Code of Corporate Governance to prevent conflict of interest, financial crimes and money laundering.

If you wish to conduct business in these activities, please consult the relevant application kit.

FS-1.1 Assets Management


FS-1.2 Distribution of Financial Products


FS-1.3 Pension Scheme Administrators


FS-1.5 Registrar and Transfer Agent


FS-1.6 Treasury Management


FS-1.7 Custodian Services (non-CIS)


FS-1.8 Global Headquarters Administration


FS-1.9 Global Treasury Activities


FS-1.10 Global Legal Advisory Services


FS-1.11 Funeral Scheme Management

FS-2.3 Credit Finance


S-2.4 Factoring


FS-2.5 Leasing


FS-2.7 Actuarial Services


FS-2.8 Credit Rating Agencies/Rating Agencies


FS-2.9 Payment Intermediary Services


FS-2.10 Representative Office (for financial services provided by a person in a foreign jurisdiction)


FS-2.11 Other Financial Business Activity

FS-6.1 Investment Banking Licence