Global Business

Global Business

Mauritius offers two types of offshore licences to international investors, namely the Global Business Licence and the Authorised Company Licence.


Global Business Licence:


The Global Business (GB) is a regime available in Mauritius for resident corporations proposing to conduct business outside Mauritius.  GB is regulated under Section 71 (1) of the Financial Services Act 2007 (FSA).


Authorised Company:


As per Section 71A(1) of the FSA 2007, an Authorised Company is a regime proposing to conduct business or conducts business principally outside Mauritius and has its central management and control outside Mauritius.


Monthly Data on Global Business Licences - 2013 - 2024


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 Investment Flows through GBCs


Investment data between Mauritius and other countries through GBCs collected as part of the IMF Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (CPIS) and Coordinated Direct Investment Survey (CDIS).


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Value of Investment (2012 - 2023)