Licensed Activities

Licensed Activities

The Financial Services (Consolidated Licensing and Fees) Rules 2008 (the Rules) set out the licensing framework that provides for a comprehensive codified list of financial services and financial business activities licensable by the FSC.

The licensing framework provides clear sets of licensing criteria and requirements within a well defined and consolidated framework. Prospective applicants, including service providers, may consult legal provisions, licensing requirements and fees applicable to the particular business they intend to conduct. The FSC considered the level of development of the different sectors under its purview as well as the need to sustain the overall competitiveness of Mauritius as an International Financial Centre, in determining the fee structure.

The Rules also provide for a specific code for each of the licensable financial services and financial business activities.


For more information on the sectors under the purview of the FSC, please click on the relevant link below.


  • Securities
  • Insurance and Pensions
  • Global Business & other NBFI
  • The Supervisory Framework