Mauritius to host OECD/IOPS Global Forum in 2016

28 Nov 2013

Mauritius is a governing member of the IOPS since 2005. The IOPS is an independent international body representing regulators involved in the supervision of pension funds, representing pension supervisors from over 80 countries covering all levels of economic development and bringing together all types of pension and supervisory systems.

The aims of the IOPS are to:

  • serve as a standard setting body on pension supervisory matters and regulatory issues relating to pension supervision, taking into account the variety of different private pension systems;
  • promote international cooperation on pension supervision and facilitate contact between pension supervisors and other relevant parties, including policy makers, research and private sector;
  • provide a worldwide forum for policy dialogue and exchange of information on pension supervision;
  • participate in the work of relevant international bodies in the area of pensions including joint activities to improve statistical collection and analysis;
  • promote, conduct and facilitate the distribution and communication of research and collecting information in cooperation with relevant international bodies.

Every year, the IOPS organises global forums to which members are invited to participate and attend. These forums provide a platform to the members of IOPS to come and address the issues and challenges prevailing in the private pensions industry worldwide. Hence, discussions are carried out and solutions are proposed in technical and executive committee meetings and in annual general meetings.

At this year's IOPS Annual General Meeting, members agreed on the publication of the following papers:

  • The IOPS Good Practices for Governance of Pension Supervisory Authorities; and
  • The Stress Testing and Scenario Analysis of Pension Plans.

In addition, comments from the IOPS members on the following draft papers and project will have to be submitted to the IOPS Secretariat by 31 December 2013:

  • The draft paper on Supervising Auto-enrolment;
  • The draft paper on IOPS Work on Costs and Fees;
  • The draft paper on Distribution of Annuities and Other Pension Pay-out Products; and
  • The Project Outline: Target Replacement Rates.