Pursuant to Section 6(j) of the Financial Services Act 2007, one of the functions of the FSC Mauritius is to “collect, compile, publish and disseminate statistics in respect of the financial services and global business sectors”.


Extracts of the powers of FSC Mauritius


Section 7(2)


Section 7(2) of the Financial Services Act 2007 states that the Commission

  • May require any licensee to furnish such statistical information relating to his business or to the business administered or managed by him for his clients at such intervals and within such as may be required by the Commission;
  • May, subject to paragraph (c), publish and disseminate any information obtained under paragraph (a) in any aggregate form and figures;
  • Shall not publish or disseminate information relating to the individual affairs of any particular client of the licensee


Section 7(5)


The Commission may publish a bulletin at such intervals as it thinks fit for the purpose of giving public notice of –

  • Any decision or determination by the Commission or the Review Panel under any of the relevant Acts;
  • Any statistical report or analysis; and
  • Any other information the Commission deems relevant

Any licensee who fails to comply with Section 7(2) (a) shall commit an offence under section 7(3) (b) of the FSA.