GBC1 Survey

GBC1 Survey

Category 1 Global Business Companies (GBC 1s) Survey

The GBC 1 Survey is a harmonised survey which aims to collect information on GBC 1s for the compilation of macro statistics namely the External Sector Statistics and National Accounts.  The 4 main components of the survey are:


  1. Transaction and Position data for the compilation of Balance of Payments (BoP) and International Investment Position (IIP)
  2. Geographical breakdown of Portfolio Investments (
  3. Geographical breakdown of Direct Investments (
  4. Income and Expenditures


Dissemination of GBC 1 data for 2015:


The consolidated results of the GBC 1 Survey 2015 can be downloaded below:


  1. GBC1 Survey 2015 - Balance of Payments
  2. GBC1 Survey 2015 - National Accounts



GBC 1 Survey Technical Briefing Sessions 2017


1st Briefing Session


Date: Friday, 26 March 2017 - New Participants : PowerPoint Slides


2nd Briefing Session


Date: Thursday, 08 June 2017 - Powerpoint Slides : Bank of Mauritius, Statistics Mauritius, FSC Mauritius